When I grew up my grandfather had his workshop in this shed. It had previously been the home of a pig and then a laundry room. Grandpa did not care much about keeping good order or to decorate, as you can see in the first picture. A lot of junk gathered in there over the years. Tools and strange inventions lay scattered in heaps everywhere. 

One day two years ago when I tried to find something I was looking for without success, I got so tired of all the clutter and not being able to sit anywhere and work. I noticed that there was a floor drain. A soft light from the window filled most of the room. It could have been an excellent studio if someone would just clean up in there, I thought. 

I then realized that that someone was probably going to have to be me. For various reasons, I could not do anything about it until this summer. It took a week to clear out and wash away 50 years of dirt from the walls and floor. With a bit of white paint the shed turned into a very nice little room. Perfect for working during the holidays. Can’t wait to bring some of my own clutter there and draw.

Plant love. 2013

Blomster, 2012

Field, 2012

Today my illustration can be seen in the Swedish newspaper Skånskan.